Hydropower Plant, UGANDA                                                                                                                                                            

QIC acted for the employer in preparing responses to two extension of time claims made by Contractor, for 112 days and 111 days respectively, and dealing with planning and logic queries raised by the employer’s site team.

In both extension of time claims it was considered that there had been over estimation of the delay. In their monthly revised programmes the contractor had revised logic in order to mitigate delays/slippages of their own making. These changes had to be verified as achievable and for both extension of time claims it was necessary to establish what was the “agreed” programme prior to the delaying events. 

Responses to the initial extension of time claim were prepared by QIC that reduced the actual delay to  repair works and eliminated an extension of time by introducing a revised sequence of construction of the Turbine Halls. Monthly progress reports and associated revised programmes issued by the Contractor were reviewed and checked and findings as well as recommendations reported back to the employer. Responses to the second extension of time claim were prepared by QIC that eliminated any delay caused by the discovery of unsuitable founding material under the Right Embankment. QIC acted as Planning Expert in this matter and responded in detail to the Expert Planning Report provided by the contractor. In addition quick responses to general site programme / logic queries were provided by QIC on an ad-hoc basis.

As a consequence of the report prepared by QIC and the response to the contractor’s Expert Report, an amicable settlement of the dispute was reached. 

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