101 Tower / Taiwan                                                                                                                                                                               

The employer's design had serious shortcomings with construction being stalled for approximately one year due to insufficient space in the plant rooms located on every 8th floor to accommodate the mechanical equipment.

Resulting from the US Twin Tower's fire investigation the fire escapes had to be redesigned along with a raft of other design changes which delayed the project completion for several years. The employer had not granted any extensions of time and was threatening to levy liquidated damages.

The Contract was extremely onerous providing little relief for the
contractor but was not compliant with Taiwan codified law which was used to defeat the employer's alleged contractor delays. 

During construction the owner was marketing occupancy with prospective clients varying from hotels, restaurants to office accommodation. With each prospective buyer of floor space resulting in revised designs being issued. Constant changes to doors, finishes and fittings reflected up the 101 floors of the Tower causing substantial delay and disruption with even minor changes impacting multiple levels of the Tower.

QUANTUM prepared the delay, disruption and prolongation claim in addition to submissions for 13 conciliation hearings and two litigations.

The contractor was awarded an extension of time until the occupation certificate was issued by the Taipei government and the Contractor was compensated for prolongation. The two litigation actions were resolved through negotiation and QUANTUM completed both assignments with flying colours and a very satisfied client.

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