The range of services offered during the project lifecycle include:
Research complex contractual documentation in order to prepare tender, contract and / or baseline programme
Preparation of method statements to support programme development
Resource and cost loading of programmes
Investigation of various construction solutions to reduce project duration
Programme risk identification and comparison of mitigation methods
Monitoring and reporting of progress and progress audits
Interface co-ordination
Preparation of recovery and accelerated programmes
Preparation of earned value reports, key performance indicators and dashboard reports
Identification of excusable and compensable delay events and maximisation of entitlement to time and money
Identification of the planned programme and critical path(s)
Establishing provisions in the Contract for submission and approval of programmes
Establishing the accepted or master programmes
Ascertaining the adequacy of the planned programme and correcting as necessary
Reviewing method statements in order to establish the methods and sequence of carrying out the Works
Establishing off site activities, such as design and procurement

Analysis of the revised / updated programmes and reasons for changes:
Revised / target programmes
Programmes showing changes to critical path
Establish status / validity of programmes and their logic

Preparation of delay analysis using accepted techniques including:
Impacted plan
Time impact analysis
Windows / time slice impact analysis
Retrospective critical / collapsed as built analysis
Presentation and negotiation of the claim

Considerations include:
Extent of records
Conditions of Contract
Agreements with other Party
Basis of appointment and purpose of submission
Cost of preparation